Owner, Personal Trainer

I love helping regular people become physically and mentally stronger as they advance their thresholds of strength and conditioning through a re-discovery of relatively intense movement as “play.” My favorite part of coaching is when an ATHLETE bursts through a MENTAL BARRIER to believe in what we know they can do. My motto: “coach knows what you can really do.”



Head coach, CrossFit Programming

Since I started CrossFit in 2009, I have seen an evolution in fitness that makes me really excited to be a coach at CrossFit Watch City. Working with a wide variety of athletes to achieve whatever their "first" success may be drives me as a coach and mentor. From "first pull up", to "first marathon", to "first fit pregnancy", helping athletes be their very best is my passion. I cherish the time spent each day in classes with the wonderful community at CFWC.

If you want to be a better athlete, CrossFit is the most efficient avenue. Period.


Matt VK

Coach, crossfit

I am genuinely passionate about helping others become better versions of themselves and i believe crossfit provides a baseline element to the everyday goals of improving our body, mind, and soul. I am grateful to be able to guide others towards accomplishing their goals at crossfit watch city.



Personal Trainer

as a personal trainer going on 5 years and having lost 125 lbs, I truly believe that CrossFit and strength training saved my life. i work with clients to achieve their goals (weight loss, powerlifting, or overall health) by striving to help them enjoy exercise relative to their thresholds. I look forward to working with anyone and everyone to guide them toward managing stress and improving overall health through fitness.


Matt P

Coach, crossfit

as a firefighter, I believe that CrossFit helps me maintain my conditioning as well as the mental fortitude to remain focused on the task at hand despite heat, high heart rate, or any other distractions. I enjoy helping everyday people express the strength and mental toughness that often gets bottled up in everyday life.



Coach, CrossFit

i’ve spent much of my life playing and competing in various sports, but coaching CrossFit has provided a new home for those interests. as a coach and athlete, i take pride in watching our community fortify our physical and mental fitness together.



Coach, CrossFit

I have been doing Crossfit for 6+ years, and with a background in physical therapy and personal training, I try to bring a little extra personalization to each class. As a Physician Assistant, I treat many health conditions, but Crossfit just might be the best preventative medicine, and the only end cure. I truly believe that. I love coaching at Crossfit Watch City because we maintain an intimate group class setting , with big community vibes.



Coach, crossfit

Having been a part of the Crossfit community for 5 years, I couldn’t imagine life without some of its defining principles: health, variety, community, consistency, and perseverance. The Watch City community has welcomed me as one of the newer coaches and each of you are what drives me each day - Each athlete, each achievement, each success, failure, and attempt. every time you walk in the door, that’s my motivation. Showing up is half the battle, working hard, living a healthier life, and taking that step in the door only starts your journey to success. The rest comes in time, and I hope this is where you find your home.



Coach, Crossfit

With a history of growing up surrounded by sports and presently continuing my career in college athletics, health and competition are priorities in my life. I recognize the impact teammates can make on your success and the camaraderie of this gym has demonstrated that. Since beginning CrossFit in 2016, I have enjoyed incorporating all of these components of fitness through CrossFit Watch City and I continue to thrive on helping others set and achieve their goals.



Coach, CrossFit and crossfit lite

Since starting Crossfit back in 2012, I have seen a huge transformation in not only myself, but others around me. What motivates me as a coach is to see individuals simultaneously improving their fitness and lifestyle while having fun. I strive to motivate my athletes to push themselves for that one last rep or choose to eat clean over fast food. You'll never know your body's capabilities until you push outside your comfort zone.



Coach, Watch City Kids, Teens

My passion lies in youth and adult nutrition, particularly for teens (I have two of my own). Dietary lifestyle is formulated in youth, and i empathize with the parental struggle in getting kids to understand the value of nutrition.